Dr Uma Jeyanathan – Facial Aesthetics Extraordinaire

Dr Uma Jeyanathan, Clinician at mydentist Putney, has been recognised for her remarkable work and is nominated for the best ‘Facial Aesthetics – Full Facial Treatment’ award at The FMC Aesthetic Dentistry Awards on Friday 23rd March 2018.


Uma gained her post graduate qualifications at the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, and has worked alongside mydentist for 6 years. Uma has undertaken Tipton’s Advanced Restorative Training at the prestigious US based Dawson’s Academy and is now Lead Clinician for Facial Aesthetics and Skincare at the Putney practice.
Uma believes in a holistic approach when treating patients, addressing lifestyle factors, skin regime and interventional treatments collectively.

Uma tells us her story below about why she first wanted to be a Dentist and the key steps that have led her to become an Award nominee….

“I always knew I wanted to be in a medical profession and when I was 10 years old I thought that Dentistry was the perfect area which allowed me to be clinical but also creative, and flexible enough to get home to make dinner. That was my thought process already at that age!

Graduating from Newcastle University in 2006, I then qualified from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. I wanted to achieve amazing aesthetics in dentistry too so trained with the US based Dawson’s Academy who are at the forefront of Smile Design. I concurrently trained in Facial Aesthetics and by my 10th year of practicing as a Dentist and having 2 years of Facial Aesthetics experience it was apparent that I had found my passion and flare. I just love the hands on part of the job!”

Why Aesthetics?

“During Dental school I trained in makeup and manicures, and as skin health and beauty are the essence of Aesthetics to me, this was an industry I was inevitably going to end up in. The opportunity to expand on key underpinning knowledge, as well as developing a new skill set, makes aesthetic work most endearing to some Dental surgeons. Facial aesthetics and skin care procedures are elective treatments; thus, patients have the opportunity to carefully seek out an appropriately experienced and passionate practitioner.

As well as Dental procedures, I will now see patients for Toxin Injections, Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels and Mesotherapy. Every day I get an immense amount of job satisfaction, I love doing treatments which are effective, and the patient sees an improvement. For me, this is especially with skin treatments. I also love getting to know people, and ensuring they have the best experience and treatment possible. Dentistry and Facial aesthetics is for people who love being around others.

I have been made an editorial Board Member for Aesthetic Dentistry Today which has definitely been the highlight of my career so far. This is a prestigious journal, and I am very honoured to be associated with them. I was star struck at the first board meeting as some of the most phenomenal dentists were there!

I have worked exceptionally hard to become a credible person in the industry. The work I do is based on clinical research, scientific reading and perfecting clinical skills.

To be acknowledged for this dedication is a real honour.”

mydentist, my support

“Over the years I have received a lot of support from mydentist regarding growing skincare and facial aesthetics at the practice I currently work in. The mydentist Putney Bridge is a busy 5 surgery clinic with a host of different specialties all working under one roof and the clinic itself is a wonderful, light, spacious environment to work in.
All the dentists there are fantastic and great to be around. I absolutely adore the team, and they are on this exciting journey with me. and have always been behind me 100%. To be nominated for this award is a testament to their hard work and support too.”

What’s next for Uma?

“I have a lot planned for 2018. I am planning to start training other medical professionals in Skin Rejuvenation treatments. And my focus is growing the business and cementing the mydentist Putney practice as the Skincare and facial Aesthetic Centre for the area.
In the next 5 years I plan to stay part-time, I’m married and have 2 sons and want to enjoy seeing them grow up whilst concentrating on education and delivering excellent care.”


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